Healthy Communities – August 31, 2012

This week in strange foods: deep fried bubblegum, and just about everything else, at the State Fair of Texas

Many heavily-advertised cereals have a spoonful of sugar for every 3 of cereal. Ask brands to promote better options!


The Weight of the Nation2012 Conference: Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend presentations are now available online

The Weight of the Nation film segments are also available online.

The new policy brief, Access to Healthy Food: Challenges and Opportunities, provides public health advocates, policymakers, and community organizers with an overview of key policy and legal strategies being pursued to reduce or prevent obesity by increasing access to healthy food. These strategies can support efforts to develop and implement policies that will increase access to healthy food and reduce obesity.

Federal, state, and local governments can increase access to healthy foods and beverages for their residents by requiring all vending service providers to ensure healthier options are sold in vending machines on public property. Legally blind vendors can be particularly influential in what is sold in vending facilities located on government property because of the Randolph Sheppard Act. The new fact sheet, Healthy Vending and the Randolph Sheppard Act, discusses the Randolph Sheppard Act and what the law means for healthy vending efforts.

National Soda Summit speaker and panelist presentations are now available

Reports and Articles

Congratulations to Umatilla-Morrow Head Start for incorporating tobacco control and cessation training into their systems based approaches. Read their success story on page 17 of the the Legacy Head Start Tobacco Cessation Inititative report.

Obese Americans Say They Also Must Deal with Stigma and Outright Discrimination, Poll Finds, Health Day, 8/23/2012
As if the physical woes that accompany obesity aren’t bad enough, many obese Americans say they face discrimination and stigma because of their weight, a new Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll found.

The BMJ’s Amazing Shock and Awe Assault on Sport Drink Science, Weighty Matters, 7/19/12
The British Medical Journal released seven articles criticizing the science behind sport and energy drinks. The pieces reflect the concern of financial ties between ‘Big Food’ parent companies and researchers and the validly of their health claims.

Our Kids are Drowning in Soda
The Santa Clara County Public Health Department launched a new ad campaign to prevent childhood obesity by warning against the health effects of sugary drink consumption. The campaign urges parents to protect their children by serving water instead of sugary drinks. –SCC Public Health Department


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