Healthy Communities – September 21, 2012

September 22 is National Falls Prevention Awareness Day.


ACHIEVE has released Sustaining the Movement, a sustainability resource document

Reports and Articles

F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future, Trust for America’s Health, September 2012

JAMA publishes theme issue on obesity
Food Politics, 9/19/12
JAMA released a theme issue on obesity with several articles of particular interest.

An Alarmingly Strong Link Between Lack of Walkability and Diabetes
The Atlantic, 9/19/12
Many urban planners and activists subscribe to the central belief that a walkable neighborhood is a healthier one, quite literally. After all, if you have the choice to stroll to school, or the corner store, or even just the nearest bus stop, all those steps add up over time, amounting to a more active lifestyle than is possible at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Some Video Games Can Help Fight Cancer, Obesity
Los Angeles Times (Blog), 9/19/12
This could be your brain on video games: getting smarter, feeling stronger.

Study Tracks Food Store Options for N.J. Communities
Asbury Park Press, 9/17/12
Route 35 in Ocean Township has a dense stretch of supermarkets, membership warehouses and restaurants a few miles from the Twinbrook Apartments complex.

CDC: US Kids Eat Too Much Salt, As Much As Adults
Associated Press, 9/17/12
American children eat as much salt as adults — about 1,000 milligrams too much, or the same amount as in just one Big Mac.

Baylor hospitals eliminate sugary drinks at all facilities
The Examiner, 9/11/12
Baylor Hospitals have just announced that they have eliminated sugary drinks at all facilities system-wide in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. The only options that are now available at vending machines and cafes are water, fruit juices, and diet sodas.


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