Healthy Communities – 9/28/12

The current version of Oregon’s Healthy Future: A Plan for Empowering Communities is now available for public comment through October 10, 2012.


How does your diet rate?  How about your friend’s diets?  The new Eat Real Quiz at invites carnivores, vegetarians, flexitarians, and eaters of all stripes to score their diets’ impact on their health, the environment, and farm animals – and to share their results on social media.

The School Health Project has recently released a new publication, Integrating Mental Health into Chronic Disease Prevention for Youth: An Opportunity for Change. The publication utilizes a public health conceptual framework for children’s mental health and provides tangible first steps that public health agencies can take towards incorporating mental health into youth-focused chronic disease prevention programs.

ChangeLab Solutions (formerly Public Health Law and Policy) has published two new resources on healthier vending for municipalities. “Making Change: A Guide to Healthier Vending for Municipalities” highlights the necessary steps to develop and implement a healthy vending policy. “Model Healthy Municipal Snack and Beverage Vending Agreement” provides model contract language for drafting and negotiating municipal vending contracts.

Reports and Articles

Community Transformation Grant awardees have been posted to the CDC webpage.

Hidden Fat-Maker in a “Healthy” Drink
Philadelphia Enquirer,  9/26/2012
As sugar-packed sodas gain a deservedly bad reputation for packing pounds on kids, sports drinks are emerging as a “healthier” alternative — but for most kids they’re just empty calories in disguise, a new study says.

Increased obesity is wiping out most health benefits of less smoking, The Washington Post blog, 9/25/12
The American smoking rate is going down. The obesity rate is going up. And when it comes to women’s life expectancy, those trends have just about canceled each other out.

Regulation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, The New England Journal of Medicine, 9/21/12
Should sugar sweetened beverages be regulated?


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