Tobacco – 10/19/12


 The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium has updated their Tips & Tools guide, Regulating Roll Your Own Tobacco Machines, and fact sheet, Roll Your Own Tobacco Machines:  An Overview

Reports and Articles

Find Out How Much Money Big Tobacco Is Spending In Your District
ThinkProgress Health, 10/16/12
A new interactive map from the non-profit Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) breaks down campaign donations from the tobacco industry to Congressional races by state and district.

When Adults Smoke in Cars, Child Passengers Suffer: Study
HealthDay, 10/16/12
Smoking in cars produces levels of harmful particulate pollutants that are far above World Health Organization indoor air standards and likely pose a threat to children’s health, a new study reveals.

Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev Calls For Ban of Tobacco Ads
The Washington Post, 10/16/12
Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday called for a ban on all tobacco ads, as the government prepares a bill that would also phase out smoking in public.

Big Tobacco Says Corrective Statements Go Too Far
Associated Press, 10/15/12
Tobacco companies are urging a federal judge to reject the government’s proposed industry-financed corrective statements, calling them “forced public confessions.”


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