Tobacco – October 26, 2012


Pop Quiz. Everyone who grades out at 90% or better is eligible to receive an ActionToQuit decoder ring.

HUD is soliciting feedback on smoke-free housing policies
On October 4, 2012, a notice was published in the Federal Register which solicits feedback from the public on how the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can best promote smoke-free housing policies. Please consider responding and pass this on to other organizations that may also be interested in responding. HUD expects to use the information received through the notice to inform current efforts and to develop better guidance on the adoption/implementation of smoke-free housing policies for HUD program participants. Comments are due by November 5, 2012.

Reports and Articles

OMA Launches Assault on Obesity, Urging Tobacco-like Warnings on Bad Food
The Canadian Press, 10/23/12
Ontario doctors have launched an assault on obesity, saying society should aggressively fight the epidemic using the tools that have made major inroads in the battle against smoking.

Strategies to Help a Smoker Who Is Struggling to Quit
Journal of the American Medical Association, 10/17/12
With a brief intervention, physicians can prompt smokers to attempt to quit and connect them to evidence-based treatment that includes pharmacotherapy and behavioral support (ie, counseling). Physicians can link smokers to effective counseling support offered by a free national network of telephone quit lines.

How Clinicians Can Help Smokers to Quit
Journal of the American Medical Association, 10/17/12
It is tempting to celebrate the important declines in tobacco use and shift focus to other urgent public health concerns such as obesity and drug abuse. But abandoning or even reducing smoking cessation efforts would be a major mistake.


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