Tobacco – November 2, 2012

Reports and Articles

The Tobacco Control Network is pleased to present the October 2012 edition of the monthly Tobacco Free Press, with plenty of tobacco-related prevention articles, reports and events.

Positive Reviews of Little Cigars Common on America’s Popular Online Video Channel
American Legacy Foundation, 10/16/12
Legacy reports that young people are tuning in to YouTube for little cigars promotions. The world’s most popular video-sharing website, YouTube, is becoming a popular meeting place for sharing information about newer tobacco products.  Some youth may have the perception that little cigars and cigarillos (LCCs) are less harmful products than traditional cigarettes, but LCCs can be just as deadly as cigarettes.

Smoke-Free Workplace Laws Lead to Decline in Heart Attacks
Global Bridges – Mayo Clinic, 10/29/12
A substantial decline in the incidence of myocardial infarction (MI, heart attacks) appears to be associated with smoke-free workplace laws, according to a study by Mayo Clinic researchers published in Online First by Archives of Internal Medicine, a publication of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Women Smokers Who Quite Before Age 30 Could Evade Early Death
Action To Quit, 10/29/12
A new UK study of 1 million women finds those who quit smoking by age 30 can almost completely eliminate the increased risk of dying early compared to never smokers, while those who quite by the age of 40, can cut it by 90%.

Chronic Disease Management Could Help Cigarette Smokers Kick The Habit
Red Orbit, 10/18/12
Rigotti believes that long-term management is a better strategy for treating tobacco dependence than expecting that it can be addressed in a single physician visit. She states that it is important for healthcare systems to provide ongoing assistance above and beyond the necessarily brief stop-smoking consultations delivered by primary care physicians. Her advice is that the health care system link these patients with additional resources, such as the national network of state-supported telephone quit lines.


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