Funding Opportunities

A new grant has just been released to Oregon School Districts.  House Bill 2800 directs the Department of Education to award grants to Oregon school districts for reimbursement of costs incurred in purchasing Oregon grown and processed food products that meet certain criteria and for funding food-based, agriculture-based and garden-based educational activities.  The 2011 Oregon Legislature provided $200,000 in funding to pilot the program, which was reduced to $193,000 as part of widespread budget cuts during the 2012 legislative session. ODE is looking to select two to six school districts for this pilot grant program.

The application process will be done via a simple Surveymonkey survey.  All information, and a link to apply can be found on the ODE Farm to School/School Garden website:

The Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program works to build the capacity of Oregonians to use HIA as a tool for improving the health of their communities.  HIA is a five-step process that examines the health risks and benefits of public decisions and delivers information to decision makers with the aim of improving public health through the process.

OHA is looking to fund and support two local health departments (LHDs) to develop and implement a plan for conducting an HIA at the local level. OHA is most interested in supporting proposals that identify a project or policy target for their HIA that is under active consideration by decision makers, so that the results of the completed HIA can be used in the decision making process. For this round of funding, OHA will give preference to proposals to conduct HIA on projects or policies related to land use and transportation decisions.

Availability of Funds
In December 2012, the OHA plans to award two LHDs $15,000 each to create and implement a plan for conducting an HIA by August 2, 2013. Any Oregon LHD is eligible to apply for funding. No prior HIA experience is necessary. Successful applications will specify how funding will increase local health department HIA capacity.

A member of your agency must participate in an Oregon Health Authority HIA 101 training prior to submitting your application.  A recorded HIA 101 webinar is available on OHA’s website:

Applicants must also participate in a phone call on screening with a member of the OHA HIA Program staff, the process used to determine if a potential project is a good candidate for a HIA. Calls can be scheduled by emailing


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