Tobacco – 11/9/12


Check out the Citizens for Tobacco Rights page for Oregon.

Reports and Articles

Missouri voters reject tobacco tax hike again
The Associated Press, 11/7/12
For the third time in a decade, Missouri voters have rejected a bid to raise the state’s lowest-in-the-nation tobacco tax. Supporters said the tax increase would have generated between $283 million and $423 million annually, with most of the funds earmarked for education and the rest for smoking-cessation programs.

ND voters ban smoking in bars, indoor workplaces
The Bismarck Tribune, 11/7/12
North Dakota voters have agreed to expand the state’s smoking ban to cover bars and other public places. The state has had a limited smoking ban for seven years. The law approved Tuesday expands the ban to bars, motels, private nursing homes, cabs and public transportation. It also prohibits smoking within 20 feet of an entrance to a public building.

When Hospital Patients Continue to Smoke
The New York Times, 11/5/12
Regulations enacted in the early ’90s have made cigarette smoke in hospital corridors a thing of the past, and since then smoking rates among health care workers have declined. Some hospitals even refuse to hire smokers. But smokers — many of them patients — continue to light up near entrance-ways, patios or elsewhere on hospital grounds.


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