Training Opportunities – 11/9/12

On November 15 at 11:30 am (Pacific), Dialogue for Health will host the webinar:  Intersectoral Collaboration for Health:  Reports from Local Health Departments, which will cover how local communities throughout the United States are adopting a Health in All Policies framework, as they pursue intersectoral, collaborative approaches to improving health by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across all policy areas.  This is based on the recognition that policy and program decisions of “non-health” agencies impact health in significant and lasting ways.

On November 20 at 12 PM ET Join Healthy People 2020 and the HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Howard Koh for: Reducing Tobacco Use and Helping Tobacco Users Quit Can Improve the Health of all Americans, a discussion on tobacco prevention. Learn how one state, Oregon, is working to encourage their communities to become healthier through preventing tobacco use. Register at:

On November 20 from 12-1 pm (Pacific), the University of Washington will host the webinar: The Toll of Coal: Health Impacts of Coal Export in the Northwest.
The webinar will cover new information about how communities throughout the northwest are considering proposals to build coal export facilities in their towns. The facilities are part of a regional infrastructure to ship millions of tons of coal from Montana and Wyoming, through Idaho, and into ports in Oregon and Washington. If built, these projects will have major impacts on human health, state and local economies, environmental sustainability, and quality of life in the region.


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