Tobacco — November 21, 2012

The Department of Health and Human Services has launched, a comprehensive website providing one-stop access to the best and most up-to-date tobacco-related information from across its agencies, including CDC, FDA, NIH/NCI, and the Office of the Surgeon General. This new site includes general information on tobacco as well as federal and state laws and policies, health statistics, and evidence-based methods on how to quit.

Guide to Effectively Educating State and Local Policy Makers – from the Society for Public Health Education, this resource guide facilitates the action steps needed to education policymakers on the latest policies and research in chronic disease prevention and control. Information includes acquiring stakeholders, framing messages, and creating policy action plans.

Two new issue briefs are available from the American Lung Association:

A new state-by-state report (pdf) from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows a significant decrease in adolescent smoking in most states during the past decade.

And three new smoking cessation studies:

  1. Homeless former smokers’ interest in helping homeless current smokers quit
  2. Addressing weight gain in smoking cessation treatment: a randomized controlled trial
  3. Cigarette Warning Label Policy Alternatives and Smoking-Related Health Disparities

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