Funding Opportunities – December 7, 2012

The HIA Program at the Oregon Public Health Division is offering up to two small grants ($15,000 each) to county health departments to conduct a health impact assessment.

The previous deadline (November 16) passed with no submissions. So, two things:

1) We’d love to hear why counties did not apply. Please help us understand your challenges/limitations/etc with regard to this opportunity so we can be sure that we’re being responsive with our capacity building program

2) The work funded by this grant does not have to be conducted by a local health department; at least one of our past grantees successful built capacity at the local health department while contracting out the majority of the assessment and report-writing duties. We would happily entertain applications like this in the current round of funding. A successful application like this will clearly explain how the project will expand the capacity of local health to conduct HIA.

The new deadline is December 14th at 5 pm. Please call Andrea Hamberg, HIA Program Coordinator at 971-673-0444 if you’re considering applying for the funds.


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