Healthy Communities – December 7, 2012


Make sure to check out the new stairwell murals the next time you’re in the Portland State Office Building. See the CDC’s StairWELL to Better Health for tips on how to improve workplace stairwells.

The Willamette Pedestrian Coalition launched an expanded mission and a new name: Oregon Walks! Check out their new promotional video and website content. Oregon Walks is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe, convenient, and attractive for everyone.

 Reports and Articles

Fast Food’s Immediate Damage To Your Health
The Huffington Post, 12/3/12
Damage to the arteries occurs almost immediately after just one junk food-type meal. There really isn’t moderation with junk food.

On The Issue of Breastfeeding and Obesity
Hale Publishing, December 2012
In the matter of choosing how to feed her baby, research is beginning to find that a mother’s choice to breast- or bottle-feed may influence her child’s risk of obesity later in life.

Body Composition
Michigan Today, 11/26/12
Considerable confusion surrounds the precise meaning of the terms overweight, overfat, and obese.  Research emphasizes the need to distinguish between these terms to ensure consistency in use and interpretation.

Confronting the Social Determinants of Health — Obesity, Neglect, and Inequity
The New England Journal of Medicine, 11/22/2012
As the obesity epidemic unfolds, increasing numbers of children with severe obesity might be referred for Child Protective Services adjudication. Indeed, some scholars have argued that “state intervention may serve the best interests of many children with life-threatening obesity [and is] the only realistic way to control harmful behaviors.”

Flying over the Holidays? Secondhand Smoke Still Poses Health Risk at Some Airports
Time, 11/21/2012
Airports with designated smoking areas can still expose nonsmoking travelers and employees to surprising levels of cigarette smoke.


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