Tobacco – December 14, 2012


This vintage advertisement for cigarettes (clearly geared towards children), demonstrates how far we’ve come in tobacco advertising policies.


The new Follow the Signs website has launched. The mission of Follow the Signs is to reduce tobacco-related disease, disability, and death by increasing awareness of tobacco industry retail marketing practices aimed at increasing tobacco sales, tobacco use, menthol use, youth access to tobacco, and nicotine addiction.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products is providing the public and other stakeholders with another option for reporting potential violations of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act and related regulations with its new Potential Tobacco Product Violations Reporting form. The form provides an opportunity for the public and other stakeholders to report a variety of potential violations. Learn more about the Tobacco Control Act and other Tobacco Rules and Regulations.

Reports and Articles

Broken Promises to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 14 Years Later American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.
The report finds that states are spending only a miniscule portion of their tobacco revenues to fight tobacco use.  The states have failed to reverse deep cuts to tobacco prevention and cessation programs that have undermined the nation’s efforts to reduce tobacco use.

Genes May Influence Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Policies
HealthDay, 12/6/2012
Genetics seem to play an important role in whether people respond to anti-smoking policies and may help explain why the number of smokers in the United States has remained stable in recent years instead of declining.

States Cut Antismoking Outlays Despite Record Tobacco Revenue
New York Times, 12/6/2012
Faced with tight budgets, states have spent less on tobacco prevention over the past two years than in any period since the national tobacco settlement in 1998, despite record high revenues from the settlement and tobacco taxes, according to a report to be released on Thursday.

Preventing Family Violence to Promote Health
Oregon Health Authority CD Summary, 12/4/12
Family violence has a huge impact on health. Besides physical injuries and deaths, family violence has enduring effects on health and social well being, as demonstrated by the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES).


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