Tobacco – December 21, 2012



The Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation has created a series of videos on YouTube that addresses casino workers’ exposure to tobacco smoke in the workplace. Many casinos across the country continue to allow smoking, exposing workers to high amounts of secondhand smoke

Coming December 24:
CDC Feature Article:  Commit to Quit Smoking in 2013
This article:
*   Encourages tobacco users to protect their health by showing the short- and long-term benefits to be gained by quitting smoking

*   Presents two videos from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign showing techniques that two smokers—Beatrice and James—used when trying to stop smoking.

*   Provides helpful quitting resources, including techniques people can use individually, with support groups, and through their health care practitioners.

Commit to Quit Smoking in 2013 Button
A new button promoting the New Year’s feature will also be available on December 24.  Information on OSH’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web Site OSH will provide a link to the January Media Calendar page, which in turn contains links to the CDC feature article as well as to quitting resources and social media tools.

Reports and Articles


Secondhand smoke affects most apartment residents
USA Today, 12/17/12
Even if you don’t allow smoking in your apartment, your neighbor’s cigarettes could affect you, according to a study.

Tobacco Industry Using Coupons to Keep Women and Young People Addicted
PRNewswire, 12/12/12
Tobacco companies’ aggressive coupon marketing tactics may reduce the likelihood that current smokers will quit, according to new research published in Tobacco Control, an international peer-reviewed journal. This report is the first-of-its-kind to illustrate that cigarette coupons have a negative association on smoking cessation.

Fargo bar owner says he’ll exploit ‘loophole’ in state’s new smoking ban
Duluth News Tribune, 12/6/12
A Fargo bar and cigar lounge owner says he believes he has a way to get around North Dakota’s smoking ban that takes effect today.

National and State Estimates of Secondhand Smoke Infiltration Among U.S. Multiunit Housing Residents
Oxford Journals, 10/17/12
Multiunit housing (MUH) residents are susceptible to secondhand smoke (SHS), which can infiltrate smoke-free living units from nearby units and shared areas where smoking is permitted. This study assessed the prevalence and characteristics of MUH residency in the United States, and the extent of SHS infiltration in this environment at both the national and state levels.


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