Tobacco – December 28, 2012


CDC Feature Article: Commit to Quit Smoking in 2013

  • Encourages tobacco users to protect their health by showing the short- and long-term benefits to be gained by quitting smoking
  • Presents two videos from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign showing techniques that two smokers—Beatrice and James—used when trying to stop smoking
  • Provides helpful quitting resources, including techniques people can use individually, with support groups, and through their health care practitioners


The January Media Calendar page contains links to the CDC feature article as well as to quitting resources and social media tools.


Commit to Quit Smoking in 2013 Button
Show your support for the feature article’s messages on your own Web site—and send a strong message to your site’s visitors that New Year’s is an ideal time to quit smoking—with this downloadable button.

To take advantage of all the activities the CDC has planned on social media profiles, you may wish to proactively like and follow @CDCTobaccoFree on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the Smoking & Tobacco Use playlist on YouTube. Doing so will enable you to receive and share status updates and profile updates as they are posted.

Reports and Articles

Smokeless tobacco: A too common toxic exposure in Montana
Great Falls Tribune, 12/26/12
The industry continues to promote the use of smokeless tobacco as a safe alternative to cigarettes and as a way to continue addiction when smoking is prohibited. Even more concerning, flavored smokeless tobacco products attract new users and young people under the age of 18. Snuff, snus, dissolvables and other innovative addiction devices are being developed and marketed, all to produce nicotine dependence in children who would otherwise avoid tobacco.

Federal Court Upholds Providence, RI, Measures to Reduce Tobacco Sales to KidsCampaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 12/11/12
In a win for kids and public health, a federal judge has upheld sensible restrictions adopted by the city of Providence, Rhode Island, that prohibit tobacco companies from luring kids with cheap and sweet tobacco products.

The Worst Movie for Smoking in 2012? You’ve Probably Seen It
Health Magazine, 12/10/12
Note to Hollywood: Please spare us any more images of drop-dead gorgeous men and women blowing smoke on-screen, essentially promoting a habit that will make regular people just plain drop dead.


Patients With Severe Back Pain Who Quit Smoking Report Less Pain Than Patients Who Continue To Smoke
Medical News Today, 12/7/12
A new study, published in the December 2012 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery found that smokers suffering from spinal disorders and related back pain, reported greater discomfort than spinal disorder patients who stopped smoking during an eight-month treatment period.


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