Tobacco – January 4, 2013


Be Tobacco Free released a new infographic on the positive health impacts of quitting smoking

The Community Guide has many resources available on Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation

Reports and Articles


Tobacco ban on state property in effect
The Statesman Journal, 1/3/13
The executive order that Gov. John Kitzhaber signed Aug. 2 banning tobacco on state property went into effect Tuesday, which means workers will have to find places away from work to indulge in tobacco.

Pack Up Your Smokes: Wilsonville Parks Going Tobacco Free
The Wilsonville Spokesman, 1/2/13
Wilsonville’s city leaders gave non-smoking families a holiday gift this year: A ban on all tobacco products in the city’s 12 public parks and related recreation buildings.

Smoking doesn’t relieve stress… quitting does! Study proves benefits of nicotine are a myth
The Daily Mail UK, 1/1/13
It is yet another reason to keep that  New Year’s resolution about giving up smoking. Contrary to popular perception, smoking does not relieve stress. But quitting does.

Primary Care–Relevant Interventions for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation in Children and Adolescents
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, December 2012
Primary care–relevant interventions may prevent smoking initiation over 12 months in children and adolescents.
A draft recommendation statement for interventions to prevent tobacco use in children and adolescents, is available for public comment until January 7, 2013.

Victory in the Philippines: President Signs Historic Cigarette Tax Increase
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Blog, 12/21/12
Taking historic action to reduce smoking in the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino has signed a new law that will significantly increase cigarette taxes.

Mortality Attributable to Smoking Among HIV-1–Infected Individuals: A Nationwide, Population-Based Cohort Study
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 12/19/12
In a setting where HIV care is well organized and antiretroviral therapy is free of charge, HIVinfected smokers lose more life-years to smoking than to HIV.

Report: Smoking Takes 5 Hours Off Life Expectancy Per Day
U.S. News and World Report, 12/17/12
If you’re a smoker, it’s like you’re moving at your death as if you were living 29 hours a day, it’s accelerated aging.

Employers Up the Ante For Getting Healthy
The Wall Street Journal, 12/16/12
These days, it’s commonplace for wellness programs to include some kind of reward or penalty. According to a survey from consulting firm Mercer, nearly half of large employers with health-management programs included financial stakes for workers in 2012, up from just a third in 2011.

Secondhand Smoke Puts Children at Risk for Meningitis
Medline Plus, 12/11/12
Exposure to secondhand smoke — during their mother’s pregnancy or later in the home — greatly increases children’s risk of invasive meningococcal disease, according to a new evidence review.


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