Tobacco – 3/1/13


HERE is a new infographic from the CDC portraying trends in state and federal cigarette tax and retail price

The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, and how it has been modified by the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, it addresses how these federal laws affect insurance coverage for one type of substance use disorder benefits: tobacco cessation benefits. Fact sheet: The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the Affordable Care Act: Implications for Coverage of Tobacco Cessation Benefits

The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, with funding from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids offers this report which concludes that many private insurance plans are failing to provide coverage for smoking cessation treatment as required by the Affordable Care Act. The authors recommend that federal and state regulators give insurers detailed guidance on what tobacco cessation coverage is required under the Affordable Care Act. Click here for a related press release from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. Implementation of tobacco cessation coverage under the Affordable Care Act: Understanding how private health insurance policies cover tobacco cessation treatments

Reports and Articles

The 2012 Tobacco Cessation National Dissemination Project Final Report
This report details the American Academy of Family Physicians’ 2012 Tobacco Cessation National Dissemination Project which assisted 50 family medicine practices across the country in making system changes to integrate tobacco cessation activities into their daily office routines.

Oregon CCOs Share How They’re Helping Tobacco Users Quit
The Lund Report
Several Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) share their strategies for supporting Medicaid members in quitting tobacco, including work with local public health.

Anti Smoking Advocate Dies
LA Times, 2/27/13
Deborah “Debi” Austin, a Californian who became a symbol of the anti-smoking movement for her powerful role in advocacy and education, died last week. She was 62.

Oregon: Oregon Works to Make Sure All Medicaid Tobacco Users Have Access to Effective Cessation Services
CDC, 2/26/13

Exploration of the link between tobacco retailers in school neighborhoods and student smoking
Journal of School Health, February 2013
HERE is an excellent article on the role of cancer centers in tobacco control.


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