Tobacco – March 22, 2013


HERE is an excellent YouTube video on smoking cessation by a Mike Evans, MD, a Family Doctor at the University of Toronto with some fast talking and fast drawing.

What progress has the current administration made in tobacco control to date? HERE is Dr. Koh take on it.

Facing the facts – a new and scary app. HERE.

Reports and Articles

cigarette lineThe secret to quitting smoking? Support
The World 3.19.13
Picking up the tobacco habit is easy. Kicking it may require help.  Social support leads the list of factors that help smokers escape their addiction — and help young people stay tobacco-free in the first place. While medication and other tools can ease the physical symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal, education and a personal social network promote lifestyle changes. Coos Bay resident Doug Putas found the encouragement he needed through his employer’s wellness program.

Michael Bloomberg Proposes Legislation Requiring Stores to Take Tobacco Out of Sight
The New York Times 3.18.13
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed legislation which would make stores keep tobacco products out of public sight and would increase penalties on smuggling and illegal tobacco sales. The legislation will move to the New York City Council for consideration.

U.S. to Revise Cigarette Warning Labels
Associated Press, Michael Felberbaum, 03/19/2013
The U.S. government is abandoning a legal battle to require that cigarette packs carry a set of large and often macabre warning labels depicting the dangers of smoking and encouraging smokers to quit.

In tight fiscal times, National Public Health Week highlights the return on public health investmentsThe Pump Handle – In honor of this year’s overall National Public Health Week theme, “Public Health ROI: Save Lives, Save Money,” this article features examples of public health “best buys” including tobacco control. Examples include:

Tobacco Companies Exploit Regulatory and Tax Loopholes to Market Cheap, Sweet Cigars that Entice Kids
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids 3.13.13
While cigarette smoking has been declining in the United States, cigar sales have more than doubled since 2000, driven by an explosion of cheap, sweet small cigars that entice kids, according to a report released today by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Put Cigarettes Out of View? It’s Been Tried
The New York Times, 3/19/13
Like New York City, Haverstraw framed its ordinance as a way to keep young people from being tempted to try smoking by the sight of colorful cigarette packs and other products, like snuff and cigars.

The FDA and National Institutes of Health have initiated a joint national study designed to monitor and measure why people start using tobacco, quit using it, and start using it again after they’ve quit. The study is called the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health, or PATH. Here is the new PATH website and here are the research goals.

New Chronic Disease Policy Statements
Two new NACCHO policy statements were approved by the Board of Directors at their February meeting. The new policy statements are:

  • Healthy Food Access
  • Regulation of Smokeless and Emerging Tobacco Products

A compendium of NACCHO chronic disease policy recommendations can be found here.

County supports cigarette tax bill
The Register-Guard, 3/16/13
An Oregon House proposal would let the commissioners impose a tobacco levy

Smoking in Movies and Adolescent Smoking Initiation: Longitudinal Study in Six European Countries
The study concluded seeing smoking in movies is a predictor of smoking onset in various cultural contexts and limiting young people’s exposure to movie smoking might be an effective way to decrease adolescent smoking onset.

In February, ActionToQuit promoted the release of the American Academy of Family Physician’s (AAFP) final report on the 2012 Tobacco Cessation National Dissemination Project, detailing the Office Champions project which assisted 50 family medicine practices across the country in making system changes to integrate tobacco cessation activities into daily office routines.  ActionToQuit recently interviewed the AAFP team involved in the project about their work and their future plans in tobacco cessation. You can read the interview HERE.

Adults with Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorder Account for 40 Percent of All Cigarettes Smoked is a new report released today from SAMHSA. The numbers are striking. Here is the news release.  

HERE is a new report of tobacco-free campus policy activity in New York State from the American Cancer Society. It is an excellent overview of the movement to remove tobacco use from higher education institution campuses in New York.

Exposure to Smoking in Movies and Smoking Initiation Among Black Youth
The study found a prospective relationship between exposure to smoking in movies and smoking initiation among black adolescents in the U.S.

Flavored Tobacco Product Use Among U.S. Young Adults
The study concluded differences in use may be due to the continued targeted advertising of flavored products to young adults and minorities and those most likely to use flavored products are also those most at risk of developing established tobacco-use patterns that persist through their lifetime.

Could a tax hike promote health?, 3/1/13
County health experts say one pack of cigarettes adds up to $40 in costs to the community. Residents paid an estimated $42 million in health-related illnesses because of tobacco just last year, they said.

Tobacco Industry Appears to Have Evaded FDA Ban On ‘Light’ Cigarette Descriptors
March 14, 2013   New research from Harvard School of Public Health (HPSH) shows that one year after the federal government passed a law banning word descriptors such as “light,” “mild,” and “low” on cigarette packages, smokers can still easily identify their brands because of color-coding that tobacco companies added to “light” packs after the ban. Read More.

More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But As a Quitting Tool
March 14, 2013   More adults are aware of electronic cigarettes and current smokers are most likely to use them, according to the CDC. Read More.

Quit Smoking: Your Heart Will Thank You
March 13, 2013   Cigarette smoking increases your heart rate, narrows the walls of your blood vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to your system, among other things. Read More.

FDA’s New Tobacco Scheme, And Its Legislative Underpinnings, May Go Up In Smoke
March 13, 2013   Several years ago, the federal government entered into a Faustian bargain with the tobacco industry — and the cigarette makers with the government. Read More.

The Global Tobacco/Smoking Threat
March 12, 2013   Oftentimes, it seems to me that tobacco and smoking prevention are yesterday’s issues. Been there, done that. Read More.

Broad Smoking Ban Sought in Housing
March 12, 2013   People living in townhouses, condominiums and other attached units would be prohibited from smoking indoors under a ban proposed by a state lawmaker – the most sweeping anti-smoking legislative proposal in the country. Read More.

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Early Heart Disease, Study Finds
March 11, 2013   The more you’re exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke, the more likely you are to develop early signs of heart disease, a new study indicates. Read More.

Former Ohio State, NFL Football Player James Cotton Takes His Tackle Tobacco Campaign to Schools
March 11, 2013   When state money for anti-tobacco education dried up about four years ago, Cleveland city schools’ head nurse Debbie Aloshen started searching for alternatives. She was concerned because student smoking rates, which had been dropping dramatically each year, leveled off when programs ended. Read More.

Smoking by Teens Steadies
Wall Street Journal, Sophia Hollander, 03/19/2013
For years, health officials watched with satisfaction as rates of teen smoking in New York City plummeted, far outpacing the national average. In 2007, the rate dipped to 8.5%.
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