Tobacco – April 5, 2013

successFair to outlaw smoking in 2014
East Oregonian: April 3, 2013
The Umatilla County Fair joined 16 other fairs in the state that place restrictions on smoking.
The county board of commissioners voted 3-0 Wednesday to approve a plan to allow smoking only in certain areas at this year’s fair and to ban smoking entirely in 2014.


CDC’s Tips from Former Smokers campaign is back!
Ads will appear on television, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and online in video, display, and mobile formats starting today, April 1st. Check out the many tools and resources available on the Tips campaign website, and share information about the campaign with partners.
A Tip From A Former Smoker– Video

The resources listed below may be useful as you build relationships in your state to address tobacco use among military personnel and families.

  • California – Project UNIFORM websiteFunded through the California Tobacco Control Program, Project UNIFORM creates military-civilian partnerships to address tobacco use in military communities by providing culturally appropriate tobacco control information and trainings to existing military cessation programs on installations; collaborating with military support networks to promote cessation services;  and educating tobacco control professionals to the culture and existing services within the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Indiana – Fight for Freedom from Tobacco – State tobacco control staff created this resource to help local partners work with military and veteran’s organizations.  This was in a response to overcoming the obstacle of these membership clubs being in opposition to smoke free air policy.  Indiana’s June 2012 statewide meeting was planned around this theme and featured a keynote presentation by Capt. Lee Mandel, Chief Medical Officer in the U.S. Navy.
  • TCN – State efforts to reduce tobacco use in the military – 9/14/11 – Help Your Peers archive; also contains background information about Project UNIFORM.
  • TCN – 2012 Policy Platform and related materials – Executive Summary, Full Report, Fact Sheet, and Infographic provide information about evidence-based tobacco control policies and programs and where your state stands on smoke-free air, tobacco pricing, and comprehensive tobacco program funding.

An Introduction to State Public Health for Tribal Leaders – Association of State and Territorial Health Official (ASTHO) – This guide for tribal leaders explores the state health governance system, the tribal health leader’s role in establishing partnerships with state health agencies, and tips on how to create successful partnerships between state health agencies, tribes, and tribal organizations.

Reports and Articles


Celebrating a Decade of NYC’s Landmark Smoke-free Law
March 28, 2013   Several years ago I was in line waiting for a table at a restaurant in a mid-Atlantic state not far from New York when I heard words that seemed completely out of place yet oddly familiar: “Smoking or non-smoking?” the hostess asked to the party in front of me. Read More.

Condo owners win secondhand smoke case
Orange county registe: 3/27/13
An Orange County jury has found a homeowners association negligent for failing to resolve a secondhand smoke dispute between neighbors at a Trabuco Canyon condominium.

Cigarette labels may educate about bladder cancer
Reuters Health: March 28, 2013
Graphic warning labels on packs of cigarettes may convince some people that smoking ups the risk of bladder cancer, says a new study from Canada.

A survey of 291 people at doctors’ offices in Toronto found less than half knew that smoking cigarettes is tied to an increased risk of bladder cancer, but three quarters said a graphic warning label would help raise awareness.

“Clearly patients do understand the association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but we found in this little survey that only about 45 percent knew there was any risk of cigarette smoking associated with bladder cancer,” said Dr. Robert Stewart, the study’s senior author from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Smoking in Movies and Adolescent Smoking Initiation: Longitudinal Study in Six European Countries
American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) – Key message: seeing smoking in movies is a predictor of smoking onset in various cultural contexts and limiting young people’s exposure to movie smoking might be an effective way to decrease adolescent smoking onset.

Exposure to Smoking in Movies and Smoking Initiation Among Black Youth
AJPM – Key message: a prospective relationship between exposure to smoking in movies and smoking initiation among black adolescents in the U.S.

 Flavored Tobacco Product Use Among U.S. Young Adults
AJPM – Key message: differences in use may be due to the continued targeted advertising of flavored products to young adults and minorities and those most likely to use flavored products are also those most at risk of developing established tobacco-use patterns that persist through their lifetime.

Adults with Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorder Account for 40 Percent of All Cigarettes Smoked
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – Key message: Adults experiencing any mental illness or a substance use disorder in the past year represent 24.8% of the adult population, but that same group used 39.6% of all cigarettes smoked by adults.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation / University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute – Provides county-level rankings based on a variety of determinants of health. Can be used to plan and build support for local public health initiatives.

New Report: Tobacco Companies Exploit Regulatory and Tax Loopholes to Market Cheap, Sweet Cigars that Entice Kids
Mar. 13 2013
While cigarette smoking has been declining in the United States, cigar sales have more than doubled since 2000, driven by an explosion of cheap, sweet small cigars that entice kids, according to a report released today by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads: Second Round Launched By CDC
March 29, 2013   Government health officials launched the second round of a graphic ad campaign Thursday that is designed to get smokers off tobacco, saying they believe the last effort convinced tens of thousands to quit. Read More.

Smokefree Workplaces Linked to Smokefree Homes in India
March 27, 2013   According to data from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey India, 2009/2010, 64 per cent of adults who work in smokefree environments live in a smokefree home, compared with 42 per cent of those who work where smoking is permitted. Read More.

E-Cigarettes Have A Coolness Problem
March 27, 2013   Less regulated and possibly healthier than traditional cigarettes ,  e-cigarettes could be a huge growth market for big tobacco. Read More.

Is Smoking a Mental Health Issue?
March 26, 2013   The Boston Globe presents one of the realities of smoking rarely considered in the effort to stamp it out:  the mentally ill smoke as a means of controlling the symptoms of their illness. Read More.

Cigars Expected to be Targeted by FDA Regulation
March 26, 2013   Nearly four years after it began regulating cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration is poised to extend its reach to a broader range of tobacco products. Read More.

Researchers Develop New Device for Battling Secondhand Tobacco Smoke
March 25, 2013   The device, described in a paper in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, is smaller and lighter than a cellphone. Read More.


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