Funding Opportunities- May 17, 2013

Hands-on Philanthropy
Hands-on Philanthropy students want to hear how they can support you in making Oregon a better place for all.  Our funding cycle is open May 10th – May 20th at 12pm. If the work of your organization aligns with our funding areas, please submit an application. The RFP form is very simple and straightforward.  Awards will be announced by June 4th, with an Award Ceremony taking place on June 6th, 5-7pm at PSU. Apply for up to $20,000. Link to online application: (Click Here!)

DEADLINE: MAY 24, 2013
Fundable projects include paved bike paths, lanes, and rail-trails as well as mountain bike trails, bike parks, BMX facilities, and large-scale bicycle advocacy initiatives.

  • Proposals must come from a partnership that is minimally comprised of one government agency or office, one non-profit organization, and one business. Proposals may be for facility or advocacy projects but must be submitted on the Community Partnership Grant Application.
  • Bikes Belong will accept requests for funding of up to $10,000 for facility and advocacy projects.We do not require a specific percentage match, but we do look at leverage and funding partnerships very carefully. We will not consider grant requests in which our funding would amount to 50% or more of the project budget.
  • Grant application:

The application deadline date is June 18, 2013.
The CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is excited to announce that the funding opportunity announcement NCCDPHP – CDC-RFA-DP13-1301:  “Sodium Reduction in Communities Program,” has been published on  The purpose of this program is to reduce sodium intake to limits recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. Because the majority of sodium that people consume is already present in foods before purchase or preparation, reducing sodium intake may require increased availability and accessibility of lower sodium items. Because community-wide efforts to reduce sodium intake are relatively new, more practice-based evidence would support identification and refinement of effective strategies. Therefore, this program aims to increase access to lower sodium food in communities and to simultaneously continue to build practice-based evidence around effective population-based strategies to reduce sodium consumption.
To access the announcement and application package:
Go to
‘Apply for Grants’ 
Select ‘Step 1: Download a Grant Application’
Insert the Funding Announcement Number in the format: CDC-RFA-DP13-1301

National Innovative Partnerships for Addressing Obesity through Environmental Supports for Nutrition and Physical Activity Grant
Purpose: CDC is issuing this FOA as one of many efforts to reverse the U.S. obesity epidemic and to prevent projected obesity-related health and economic consequences. CDC seeks to create or enhance national innovative collaborations to raise awareness, engage in collective action, and facilitate environmental and system improvements that promote healthy eating and physical activity in places where individuals live, learn, and work (e.g., child care centers, hospital and medical care facilities, workplaces, communities, and schools). Under this FOA, organizations will receive funding to increase awareness of and promote implementation of environmental and system supports across states, at least one in each of the ten HHS regions, to create healthier places and lead to improvements in healthy eating and physical activity behaviors across the U.S. HHS; Department of Health and Human Services: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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