Funding Opportunities- June 28, 2013

Announcement (FOA): Consortium of National Networks to Impact Populations Experiencing Tobacco-Related and Cancer Health Disparities
The FOA has a deadline of July 18 and these notable points of interest:

  • This FOA includes tobacco and cancer health disparities.
  • It urges grantees to work with CDC funded projects.
  • One network per target population will be awarded.
  • Target populations are categories they have funded in the past:
    • African Americans
    • American Indian/Alaska Natives
    • Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Hawaii Natives
    • Latinos/Hispanics
    • LGBTs
    • Persons experiencing Low SES
    • Plus new target population areas:
      • Persons with Mental Health and Substance abuse disorders.
      • Geographically defined populations with high tobacco use and related health disparities.
      • One for which a compelling case can be made not listed above.

Click here to access FOA.




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