Healthy Communities- August 9, 2013

Health closer to home
Barriers to health can look very different in rural communities. In Solano County, a walkable community could mean giving students the chance to get off a long school bus ride to walk the last mile to school. Bringing healthy, affordable foods closer to home could be a radical change for a Mendocino County family that drives three hours to a grocery store. And for those in Imperial County located far away from a health care provider, community health workers provide a critical connection to care and chronic disease monitoring–and one that can be linguistically and culturally appropriate. Even in Marin County, one of the country’s wealthiest areas, deep income disparities can put healthy options out of reach for some residents. In partnership with local health departments and the state of California, PHI’s CA4Health oversees one of the largest statewide rural community transformation work in the country, and their efforts are beginning to bring health within reach across the state.


The Role of Community Culture in Efforts to Create Healthier, Safer, and More Equitable Places: A Community Health Practitioner Workbook
Prevention Institute recently released a new product, The Role of Community Culture in Efforts to Create Healthier, Safer, and More Equitable Places: A Community Health Practitioner Workbook. This workbook provides experiences and lessons from several communities working on place-based chronic disease prevention efforts. Community health practitioners and their partners can use this workbook to learn more about the role of community culture in environmental change efforts by reviewing the best practices, community profiles, guided questions, and key resources which are available throughout the product. Click here to view the resource.

Infographic: Prevention Means Business
Healthy people live in healthy communities—and businesses flourish when they help build healthier communities, too. Prevention Means Business, a new infographic produced by PHI in partnership with the American Public Health Association, graphically illustrates the connection between healthy places and thriving businesses.

Connect with Other Million Hearts Supporters on Community Commons 
Million Hearts® now has an online community for you to connect, collaborate, and highlight the work you’re doing in support of the initiative! Since the launch of Million Hearts®, they’ve heard your requests for an online space where you can share resources and ideas with others in your state, community, or sector. They have created such a space on the mapping and networking site Community Commons and invite you to register and join the Million Hearts® Group page. By joining the Group, you can:

  • Highlight the work your organization is doing to prevent heart disease and stroke.
  • Connect and collaborate with organizations in your state, community, or sector.
  • Learn about other organizations’ successes to guide your organization’s work.
  • Share heart disease and stroke prevention resources and best practices.

Email Million Hearts with any questions.

Reports and Articles

Childhood obesity is falling, and the CDC has a map to prove it
This map, out today from the Center for Disease Control, is startling, and good, news. It shows obesity among low-income preschoolers between ages 2 and 4 dropping in 19 states – and increasing in just three.

Transforming Communities
What does it take to transform the health of a community? It takes local leadership. It requires commitment from everyone–from parents to business to health providers to local government. And of course, it takes resources. Two years ago, with Community Transformation Grant funding from the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund, PHI began an ambitious program, CA4Health, which aimed to support some of California’s most remote and rural counties as they made their communities healthier, stronger and more connected. This summer that work will build momentum, with the hiring of Genoveva Islas-Hooker, funded through The California Endowment, who will be connecting local CTG efforts into a statewide movement. Find out more about CA4Health’s great work, below, and please, continue to show your support for the critical resource that makes this work possible: the Prevention and Public Health Fund.


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