Tobacco- October 11, 2013

Reports and Articles

Cigarettes sales are down, but tobacco tax revenue is up in Minnesota
Minnesota Public Radio News.
After a $1.60 cigarette tax hike was implemented last July, early Minnesota Department of Revenue numbers show in July-August of 2013 cigarette stamp sales dropped and state tax revenue is up 56% versus the same months in 2012. ClearWay Minnesota reports that interest in cessation services has increased sharply; visits to the website increased 240% versus the previous year.

The New Demographics of Anti-Smoking Campaigns
The Atlantic Cities
The US is getting older – and getting younger. There’s been lots of discussion about how America’s aging Baby Boomers will affect their communities as they retire, but far less about the 27 states where the number of children has grown in the last decade. Smoking is a great case study for how these competing demographic trends might play out at the local public policy level. “Virtually all adult smokers start as children,” says Matthew Myers, the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Smoking also indirectly damages people’s health. “There’s a direct correlation between young people concerned about the health effects of smoking and those people who… engage in a variety of behaviors that otherwise impact their health. Tackling tobacco impacts perceptions about the importance of a healthy lifestyle,” he says. Read more on this important topic

Americans Smoke 139,000 Cigarettes Every 15 Seconds (And They’re All in This Painting)
The Atlantic Cities
“Toxic Forest” is a new art project, commissioned by the healthcare non-profit Legacy, where artist Chris Jordan wanted to show the environmental damage of the half-million cigarettes Americans smoke every minute. So he gathered hundreds of discarded butts from Austin and his native Seattle, then photographed and digitally multiplied them to create this stanky-looking montage: 139,000 tobacco-stained butts, a depressing monument to a mere 15 seconds of U.S. smoking history. This art is a must see! 


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