Tobacco- November 15, 2013


Veterans Day Toolkit
Project UNIFORM.
This new toolkit contains information about veterans and tobacco use, cessation resources, and ideas for holding tobacco-free Veterans Day celebrations. The materials were developed by project uniform in California, but much of the information could be used in other states.

Reports and Articles

Trends in Smoking Before, During, and After Pregnancy — Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, United States, 40 Sites, 2000–2010 This Surveillance Summary contains Oregon-specific data on the smoking prevalence of women who have recently given birth, at 3 months before pregnancy and the last 3 months of pregnancy, for the years 2003 to 2010.  These data are from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Survey (PRAMS), which yields somewhat different estimates than smoking prevalence data collected through birth certificates               Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk for complications such as fetal growth restriction, preterm delivery, and infant death. The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) was initiated in 1987 and is an ongoing state- and population-based surveillance system designed to monitor selected maternal behaviors and experiences that occur before, during, and after pregnancy among females who deliver live-born infants in the United States. This report provides data on trends in smoking among women before, during, and after pregnancy from 40 sites during 2000–2010.

New York Raising Age to Buy Cigarettes to 21
New York Times
New York City lawmakers adopted the strictest limits on tobacco purchases of any major American city. The legal age for buying tobacco, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos will rise to 21, from 18, under a bill adopted by the City Council and which Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has said he would sign. Read more: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids press release.

Consumer-focused materials: Tobacco Cessation and the Affordable Care Act
American Lung Association.
With enrollment in state marketplaces and Medicaid expansion (where applicable) now open, ALA is working to promote new health coverage options and help tobacco users understand their options. Addresses what questions tobacco users should ask themselves when enrolling in coverage and which plans are allowed to charge tobacco surcharges.

Patterns of Tobacco-related Mortality among Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, or Depression.
Journal of Psychiatric Research (Epub ahead of print, Sept 27, 2013).
Tobacco-related conditions comprised approximately 53% of total deaths in the schizophrenia, 48% in the bipolar, and 50% in the depression cohorts.

Predictors of voluntary home-smoking restrictions and associations with in-home smoking among subsidized housing tenants
American Journal of Health Promotion
Key findings: Few subsidized housing tenants voluntarily limit in-home smoking. Strategies to change social norms are also needed to modify in-home smoking behavior among subsidized housing tenants.

Newspaper coverage of implementation of the Michigan smoke-free law: Lessons learned
Health Promotion Practice
Key findings: The most common pro-law messages were information about enforcement of the law (52%); and the benefits of smoke-free air (48%). The most common anti-law messages were about potential negative economic impact (36%); government intrusion/overreach (31%); and difficulties with enforcement (28%).

Gap seen in exposure to secondhand smoke on the job
Fox News
Nonsmokers in Massachusetts who work in blue collar jobs are more likely than nonsmokers in professional fields to be exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke at the workplace, despite a statewide ban on smoking at work. The findings were based on surveys of more than 6,000 Massachusetts workers between 2003 and 2010 conducted by the Massachusetts Public Health Department.

Big three moving quickly in growing e-cigarette presence
Convenience Store News.
The big three tobacco companies may be relative newcomers to the electronic cigarette market, but all three are poised to make moves quickly. Reynolds American Inc. (RAI), Lorillard Inc. and the Altria Group Inc. discussed their e-cigarette offerings during their respective earnings calls recently.

Nationwide fight begins over raising tobacco age to 21
U.S. News & World Report.
Lawmakers in New Jersey and Hawaii are considering whether to follow suit after New York City councilmen voted to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. Danny McGoldrick, vice president for research at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, notes that CTFK generally supports a “tried and true trifecta” of anti-tobacco policies – higher taxes, public smoking bans and educational campaigns – but will also advocate for raising tobacco age limits to 21 in any jurisdiction considering it.

Related: In wake of NYC bill, views split on tobacco age
USA Toda
 Student and expert reactions are mixed after the approval of a bill that raised the tobacco-buying age in New York City.

Smokers can expect a hefty surcharge
Fort Meyers News-Press
Under the Affordable Care Act, smokers are subject to a surcharge on their insurance premium of up to 50%; there are questions as to whether e-cigarette users will be classified as smokers and thus subject to the charges. This will depend in part on how FDA defines and regulates e-cigarettes.


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