Funding Opportunities- February 14, 2014

Health Impact Project Funding Opportunity
The Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, is pleased to announce a call for proposals to fund health impact assessments, or HIAs, and the establishment of sustainable, self-supporting HIA programs to more routinely integrate health into public policy decision-making. The call for proposals, or CFP, will support government and tribal agencies and educational and nonprofit organizations under the two types of grants detailed below. Please visit our FAQ for more information and register for informational webinars using the links provided.

1. Demonstration project grants will fund single HIAs to inform a specific proposed policy, program, plan, or project. The Health Impact Project will award up to six grants for as much as $100,000 each and will provide training and technical assistance to awardees throughout the length of each grant. See below for information about additional funding for Minnesota-based HIAs. To learn more, register for an informational webinar taking place March 5.
Applicants need not have prior HIA experience. Preference will go to applicants proposing innovative topics for HIAs or proposing work in states and regions that have had relatively little HIA activity to date. To learn more about the locations and topics of completed and in-progress HIAs, view the map of U.S. HIA practice.

2. HIA program grants will support organizations with prior HIA experience to conduct one or more new HIAs and to implement plans that establish the partnerships, systems, and funding mechanisms needed to maintain stable HIA programs beyond the conclusion of the grant periods. The Health Impact Project will fund up to five program grants for up to $250,000 each. To learn more, register for an informational webinar taking place March 6.
In addition to the awards offered through the national CFP, funding for three demonstration projects is available for HIAs in Minnesota, thanks to support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation. Interested applicants should refer to the national CFP for details on the selection criteria and application process, and they should note the following differences:

  • Preference will be given to HIAs focusing on community development, education, and social or economic policies relevant to health and health equity in Minnesota.
  • Additional preference will be given to HIAs specifically examining the links between health and school discipline and/or criminal justice policies.
  • Eligible organizations include nonprofits, local and tribal agencies, and educational institutions. State agencies, except regulators of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, are also eligible (examples of regulators include the Department of Commerce, the Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Health, and Minnesota Management & Budget). Regulating agencies can, however, serve as partners on projects.
  • The HIA must inform a decision in Minnesota.

Deadline to submit all proposal briefs is April 2, 2014.
Please forward this message to friends and colleagues. If you received this e-newsletter from someone else and would like to receive the funding announcement and details about the application process, please join the Health Impact Project mailing list.

Funding Opportunity: Training to Support Implementation of Tobacco Prevention and Control  Strategies at the Point of Sale 
NACCHO, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health, is pleased to offer this opportunity for local and tribal health departments to attend training, provided by Counter Tools, and participate in pre and follow-up technical assistance offered by NACCHO regarding point of sale strategies to reduce marketing of tobacco products.

Click here for more information. The deadline for the application is 5:00pm, ET, Wednesday, February 19th.



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