Tobacco- July 11, 2014

obesitybargraph Tobacco Free Kids created a microsite:
Microsite — — aimed at generating comments to the FDA deeming docket to counter the tens of thousands of comments being submitted by cigar lovers and vapers.   Our goal is to distribute the URL far and wide so groups can share with colleagues and contactys, generate alerts, put in newsletters, etc.  While we know that this should be about quality not quantity, we are hearing that quantity does count.

The site includes background info, talking points, fact sheets on cigars and e-cigarettes, and sample comments for parents, health care providers, concerned citizens and public health advocates. There are several click-through opportunities to submit comments directly into the deeming docket at, along with some basic instructions on how to fill out the comment form. It is not branded with any logo (although it does state at the bottom that it was developed by CTFK so people know where it came from) and we won’t capture any names or know who clicks through to take action.

Attention Grantees: This link/microsite is to encourage and guide people in generating comments for the FDA deeming docket that you should be familiar with

New Resources to Promote the 2014 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health
1)  New SGR50 Video Released
A new SGR50 video is now available on YouTube:  Surgeon General’s Reports – Why They Matter.  This video highlights key findings from the previous 31 Surgeon General reports that advanced the tobacco control movement, and sheds light on important health issues such as disparities, causal links to various diseases, exposure to secondhand smoke, and indoor smoking among others.

2) Next Twitter Chat – July 16 at 2 PM EST – Topic: Reproductive Health
Join us for our discussion about smoking and women’s reproductive health, hosted by CDC Tobacco Free and the Office of the Surgeon General.  We’ll be chatting about findings from the Surgeon General’s Report and what women can do to protect themselves and their babies from the harmful effects of smoking. Use #SGR50chat to join on July 16 at 2pm EST.

Reports and Articles


Nearly 1 in 5 High School Seniors Smoke Hookah, Study Finds
TIME: July 7, 2014
Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of high school seniors smoke waterpipes, or “hookahs”, according to a new study from New York University (NYU) researchers.
The new report, which is published in the journal Pediatrics, looked at a survey of 15,000 high school seniors from 130 public and private high schools nationwide and focused on a population of 5,540 students who were asked about their hookah use between 2010 and 2012.

Is It Time for a Tobacco-free Military?
NEJM: July 9, 2014
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus recently announced that he wanted to end tobacco sales on all Navy installations. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, citing both financial costs and tobacco’s harmful effects on readiness, added that military tobacco policy in general should be reviewed, including the possibility of ending tobacco sales and establishing smoke-free military installations. Currently, a Department of Defense review of the tobacco issue is under way, 5 years after the Institute of Medicine called for a tobacco-free military.

Bend businesses seeing value in vaping: Owners open shops to sell their e-cigarette supplies
The Bulletin: Jul 6,2014
Two new Bend businesses want to cash in on the growing e-cigarette market — but not by simply selling them.

They make the liquid that contains the nicotine and other ingredients that’s heated to create the vapor that users inhale, and the owners have created lounges — or vape shops — where consumers can test different e-cigarette flavors and watch TV or play board games.

The e-cigarette market has been booming, with sales doubling annually in some years. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the electronic versions are not regulated. But that’s likely to change soon.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed rules in April that would extend the agency’s authority to e-cigarettes, and the Oregon Legislature considered bills in the 2014 session to tax e-cigarettes and to restrict minors’ access to them, but the proposed legislation died in committee.

July 4

E-cigarettes banned in parks; thousands attend 4th of July parade: Hillsboro weekend roundup
The Oregonian: July 4, 2014
Hillsboro City Council finalizes ban on e-cigarettes in parks
Electronic cigarettes are now officially banned in Hillsboro parks.
The Hillsboro City Council voted 5-1 Tuesday evening on the second and final reading of an ordinance prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes on park property – which includes the home of the Hillsboro Hops, Ron Tonkin Field.
Again, Councilor Fred Nachtigal was the sole “no” vote.

Vermont Enacts Strict Smoke-Free Laws
On July 1, Vermont implemented some of the nation’s strictest laws on smoking. Police will be able to pull over anyone seen smoking with young children in the car. If that child is under 8 years of age, then drivers are subject to a fine of $100. Vermont will be the seventh state in the country to ban smoking in cars carrying children. Smoking will also be banned in hotel rooms, on all state property, on the property of hospitals or secure residential recovery facilities owned or operated by the state, at schools, and at childcare centers. The law does exempt the Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington.

Smoking linked to hearling loss later in life
Woodburn Independent
Recently, researchers have not only correlated the effects of smoking with the prevalence of hearing loss in smokers, but also with non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke, and with prenatal exposure

Hillsboro council bans e-cigarettes in city parks:
East Oregonian

Doctors react to teens smoking hookah:
MEDFORD, Ore. — With information collected over two years, the Journal Pediatrics
found that nearly one out of five high school seniors smoked hookah within the last year.
Hookah devices typically force the tobacco smoke through water that cools it, which makes it feel less harsh to inhale.

An experiment worth trying: New Jersey proposes raising the smoking age to 21
Washington Post
New Jersey’s Senate approved a raise in the legal smoking age from 19 to 21 last week, pushing the groundbreaking experiment in public health one step closer to fruition

Brownsville council: No e-cigs, but higher library fees
Albany Democrat-Herald
Fees for utilities and non-resident library cards are going up and electronic cigarettes are now specifically prohibited in public buildings following action June 24 by the Brownsville City Council


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