Tobacco- August 1, 2014

TRL New Point of Sale Report to the Nation was released recently -It’s worth a look:
Some interesting facts:
There are about 28 tobacco retailers for every Starbucks
About 27 tobacco retailers for every McDonalds
Walgreens is the number 2 tobacco retailer in the country


Free podcast on e-cigarettes available now
The Prevent Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the first of four podcasts,
“E-Cigarettes and How to Advocate for a Tobacco-Free Future.” These podcasts continue the exploration of key topics covered at Prevent Cancer Foundation’s 16th annual national conference Dialogue for Action™: Right-Sizing Cancer Screening.

Tobacco-free Outdoors and Campuses
For states and localities considering adopting tobacco-free policies for outdoor areas, including campus grounds, the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium has just updated two of its popular Tips & Tools publications on these topics.

Reports and Articles 
beaches and cigs
GAO: Shift to Pipe Tobacco, Large Cigars Saves Tobacco Firms Billions in Taxes
By Mike Brunker and Joel Seidman
A 2009 law that raised federal taxes on tobacco products to discourage smoking triggered a market shift to pipe tobacco and large cigars, costing the U.S. Treasury billions in lost revenue, according to a GAO report obtained by NBC News. In some instances, it took little more than a label change to qualify for the lower tax rate, it said.

The Government Accountability Office study, which will be the focus of acongressional hearing on Tuesday, found that Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) drove manufacturers and price-conscious consumers to gravitate to pipe tobacco and so-called large cigars because it taxed them at lower rates than cigarettes, small cigars and roll-your-own tobacco.

Among what the report labeled “tax avoidance” measures were reclassifying roll-your-own tobacco as pipe tobacco, “with minimal differences in the packaging and the appearance of the tobacco itself,” and slightly increasing the weight of so-called small cigars to qualify for the lower large-cigar tax rate.
Two recent Penn State studies have come up with interesting findings:
1. Teen smokers are better at getting their friends to join them in the habit than non-smoking teens are at getting their smoking friends to quit 2. There is a possible connection between how the brain responds to rewards and the desires to smoke: Portland Tribune:

E-cigs and Lane County
Lane County commissioners on Tuesday pondered possible county regulations for electronic cigarettes and weighed whether to require tobacco retail outlets in unincorporated Lane County to buy county business licenses: The Register-Guard:

Marion County has installed new ashtrays
near benches in front of Courthouse Square, but a sticker on the ashtrays has caused some confusion: Statesman Journal:

Focus Group study showed smokers’ were less motivated by the fear of dying than the fear of suffering, of disability, of disfigurement, and of being a burden to those around them: New York Times

Oregon is taking steps to ban smoking on all 362 miles of beaches along the Pacific coast:

Oregon is taking steps to ban smoking on all 362 miles of beaches along the Pacific coast:NPR:
Daily Astorian:


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