Funding Opportunities- May 1st, 2015

Host a member of the OHA AmeriCorps VISTA team
Build local capacity and mentor future public health leaders
OHA’s AmeriCorps VISTA members serve one year, full time with a host organization to build community capacity to fight poverty and advance public health.  Public, private, or faith-based nonprofit organizations, as well as, local, state, tribal or federal agencies can become an AmeriCorps VISTA host site. Applications for the Oregon Health Authority VISTA Partnership Project are handled by the Public Health Division in partnership with the Corporation State Offices.​

Host sites identify significant program level work that will help build local capacity to alleviate poverty and improve the public health.  Sites host AmeriCorps VISTA national service members each for one year, often for three successive years.  OHA VISTAs join one of two teams, beginning their year of service in April or August. Host sites provide a financial match, direct the project, supervise and mentor the VISTA, and provide necessary administrative support to complete the goals and objectives of the project.

AmeriCorps VISTA members spend one year in full-time service to address the needs of low-income communities and improve public health. All projects focus on building permanent public health infrastructure in communities to help them more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty.
Download the application form and guidance here:
Broad program goals: The Oregon Health Authority VISTA Partnership Project aims to alleviate, prevent and reduce poverty by engaging new public health professionals in a year of full-time service in public health and partner organizations in order to improve the public’s health.

Key project requirements:
The project must address:

  1. Public health
  2. Poverty
  3. Building long-term organizational and/or community capacity

The VISTA must have:

  1. Dedicated supervisor, project leads, mentors
  2. Clear assignment description

Application process:

  • Suggested initial due date: April 30, 2015, or as soon as possible.
  • Rolling application review and approval process.  We help revise and submit applications to CNCS as they arrive from sites.  The current review calendar does not permit us to wait for all applications to arrive and be reviewed in one competitive process.
  • Final due date: May 7, 2015. Be advised: Applications actually received on or near this due date may receive a simple rejection or approval due to national VISTA program hard deadlines, with no time for revisions.
  • Submit drafts or portions of applications as soon as possible so the OHA team can provide assistance and submit it for early approval from the national VISTA program.  Applications or draft portions of applications received well before the final deadline will receive our greatest attention and assistance revising before submitting to the national VISTA program officers. Prospective host sites apply to OHA and work with our team in an iterative revision process to align the proposal with both local needs and national VISTA program priorities.

Cost (two options):  Standard: $2,750 per VISTA for the entire year.  These highly competitive positions are more heavily subsidized by the national VISTA program. These positions are intended for organizations and communities with very limited resources.  Cost share: $14,176 per VISTA for the entire year. The host site pays a larger amount to cover the VISTA member’s subsistence allowance. Choose this type to greatly increase your approval by OHA and the national VISTA program. Larger organizations with significant funding are asked to provide this level of support.

New host sites: Please discuss your VISTA project idea with me as soon as possible so we can best align our goals before drafting a detailed application.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at all.


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