Job Opportunities- May 8th, 2015

Oregon & Southwest Washington Office of the American Diabetes Association – ASSOCIATE MANAGER, MISSION DELIVERY

The Oregon & Southwest Washington Office of the American Diabetes Association is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Associate Manager, Mission Delivery to support and manage community initiatives, volunteer leadership and Portland office operations.

Essential Functions

* Plan and implement annual Community Outreach program for people with diabetes
* Development and maintain relationships with partners from the health care and diabetes community
* Coordinate American Diabetes Month activities and outreach
* Recruits, trains and retains market volunteers and matches them with program and fundraising events and projects
* Oregon & Southwest Washington Operations: manage account payables and receivables and operation budgets
* Oregon & Southwest Washington Operations: assist in setting meetings, communicating and tracking activity of the community leadership board
* Oregon & Southwest Washington Operations: manage office, answer telephones, order supplies and materials, mail public education materials and support events and projects as needed

For more information and to apply, go to and under “Job Search” select Oregon from the locations drop-down.

Brownfield Internship Opportunity at OHA-Public Health Division
Apply today!
The Brownfield Initiative at Oregon Health Authority-Public Health Division (OHA-PHD) is seeking a data analyst/GIS skilled intern. Placement would start May/June 2015 (flexible). The Brownfield Initiative is situated within the Environmental Public Health Section of the Public Health Division and is part of the State of Oregon’s effort to support healthy, equitable communities through evidence-based research and collaboration. The Brownfield Initiative provides significant expertise in the intersection of health, community engagement, cross disciplinary partnerships, and the built environment. The program is focused on the opportunity to improve health and address health inequities through the redevelopment or reuse of brownfield properties. Click here to learn more about the OHA-Brownfield Initiative.

The intern would support a critical need identified through a collective impact effort led by the OHA-PHD Brownfields Initiative. The collective impact effort includes stakeholders with an interest in brownfields from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and the Oregon Business Development Division (aka “Business Oregon”). The intern would be located primarily at the Portland State Office Building, 800 NE Oregon St., Portland, Oregon (Lloyd center area) – at OHA-PHD with opportunity to travel to other state agency offices as a part of the collective impact process.

INTERNSHIP DELIVERABLES (scalable to internship hour requirement) – The intern would be supported by OHA-PHD, DEQ, DLCD, and Business Oregon staff to accomplish the following:


  • A comprehensive inventory of former wood product mill sites in Oregon based on data from state agencies, county assessors, and other publicly available data. This inventory would be categorized by sites being either: 1) entirely vacant; 2) being reused marginally; or 3) mostly, or completely in productive re-use.
  • A GIS resource (maps, data sets, visualizations) that assists collective impact partners with identifying geographies of opportunity for former Mill sites. The purpose of developing a GIS resource is to establish a baseline understanding of the current status of opportunity for Mill site redevelopment in rural Oregon. An example is how the mill sites overlap with designated Regionally Significant Industrial Areas, while also taking into consideration indicators of local health needs for the populations living nearby the mill sites. There are potentially many other layers of interest to the collective impact team – which the team will identify specifically, in consultation with the selected intern.
  • Incorporate existing data that details current land uses on the former mill sites and immediately adjacent properties.

Additional tasks will be determined based on the capacity, interests, and time limitations of the intern. Such tasks will be identified in consultation with the intern and collective impact partners, but could include:

  • Quantitative analysis of site characteristics such as development potential, social determinants of health in local populations, health status of local populations, and presence of environmental hazards. This analysis could potentially lead to development of a typology of mill sites or recommendations for the collective impact effort to pilot assistance and support.
  • Nationwide scan of best practices in redeveloping mill sites.
  • A final report document of professional quality, potentially including case studies

Experience and skills:

  • Proficiency in ArcGIS and MS office
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to conduct research and summarize descriptive statistics on land use, demographics, health outcomes, and economic conditions.

How to apply: If this internship interests you please contact Kari Christensen ( with a brief 2-paragraph narrative describing your background, contact information, academic program, what appeals to you, and an anticipated internship timeline. Please attach a current resume.

Download request for intern announcement here.


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