Tobacco- May 8th, 2015

new orleanssmoking

Congratulations to Louisiana and New Orleans! Smokefree Law Implemented on April 22!
Great story from the New York Times on the implementation of New Orleans New Smokefree Law.


Tips from Former Smokers Campaign:
Ways to Work with State and Local Pharmacists

  • CDC is currently working with the American Pharmacy Association, the Pharmacists Letter, Creative Pharmacist, and CVS Health to get messages into pharmacies.
  • Independent pharmacists are often business owners and established as community leaders. Invite local pharmacists to participate in coalitions and community events.
  • Engage local pharmacists and let them know about the specific Tips assets designed for them. These include 1-800-QUIT-NOW notepads, “Reasons to Quit” patient handouts, Tips radio and video ads to show and air in stores, information about quitlines, “Talk With Your Pharmacist” posters, and more.

2015 TIPS CAMPAIGN: Update on Colorectal Ads
In 2015, the Tips campaign has included colorectal cancer ads and related materials for which select content has caused concern for some groups and individuals. See the following links for the latest update from the Office on Smoking and Health. Please direct all Tips-related inquiries from the public to for reply.

Reports and Articles


Clark County Bans E-Cig Smoking In Public
Clark County will regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco cigarettes starting in June.
The Clark County Board of Health —which is made up of County Councilors David Madore, Tom Mielke and Jeanne Stewart —unanimously passed an ordinance Thursday that bans smoking the devices in public places.
The county joins a handful of others around the state in controlling the use of a product that’s still largely unregulated.
“Wherever you cannot smoke a conventional cigarette you won’t be able to use one of these inhalant devices either,” said Dr. Alan Melnick, the director of the county’s health department.

A Multistate Asian-Language Tobacco Quitline: Addressing a Disparity in Access to Care
Objectives. We conducted a dissemination and implementation study to translate an intervention protocol for Asian-language smokers from an efficacy trial into an effective and sustainable multistate service.
Methods. Three state tobacco programs (in California, Colorado, and Hawaii) promoted a multistate cessation quitline to 3 Asian-language-speaking communities: Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. The California quitline provided counseling centrally to facilitate implementation. Three more states joined the program during the study period (January 2010–July 2012). We assessed the provision of counseling, quitting outcomes, and dissemination of the program.
Results. A total of 2004 smokers called for the service, with 88.3% opting for counseling. Among those opting for counseling, the 6-month abstinence rate (18.8%) was similar to results of the earlier efficacy trial (16.4%).
Conclusions. The intervention protocol, based on an efficacy trial, was successfully translated into a multistate service and further disseminated. This project paved the way for the establishment of a national quitline for Asian-language speakers, which serves as an important strategy to address disparities in access to care. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print April 23, 2015: e1–e6. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.302418)

E-Cigarette Use in the Past and Quitting Behavior in the Future: A Population-Based Study
Surveyed 1,000 people to determine whether people who have ever used e-cigarettes were more likely to quit smoking cigarettes compared to those who have never used e-cigarettes.  The study found that people who use e-cigarettes may be at risk for not quitting smoking.


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