Tobacco- June 5th, 2015

oregon capitol

Kate Brown signs e-cigarette crackdown: This week in new Oregon laws
SALEM — Welcome to our rundown — updated weekly — of the bills Gov. Kate Brown signed into law or let become law. We’ll also keep tabs on which notable bills if any are sitting on or headed to the governor’s desk. Under the Oregon Constitution, bills delivered to the governor must be vetoed within five business days or they become law automatically.
MAY 25-29
Crackdown on “vaping”: House Bill 2546, signed May 26, makes the act of puffing on electronic cigarettes or related devices while indoors — whether on the job, or at a bar or restaurant — an official crime starting Jan. 1, 2016. The bill also makes Oregon the 42nd state to ban the sale of vaporizers, nicotine liquid and other accessories to minors.
Multnomah County adopted a similar ban in March, following discussions held at Chairwoman Deborah Kafoury’s urgingin January. Though e-cigarettes are seen as a bridge away from traditional cigarettes and don’t produce smoke — they rely on atomizers to generate nicotine vapor — they’ve become a target for health officials worried they’ll instead introduce minors to nicotine products.

Smoking ban approved in county parks
Daily Astorian: May 14th, 2015
No public testimony was given Wednesday.
Starting next month, smoking and tobacco use will be banned in county parks.
The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed Wednesday to add parks to the county’s existing no tobacco policy, created in 2011 and enforced outside county department buildings.
The Board of Commissioners opened a public hearing on the issue at its April 22 meeting and kept the hearing open to its meeting Wednesday. No public testimony was given Wednesday.
Steven Blakesley, Clatsop County health promotion specialist, explained to the Board of Commissioners the ban is meant for public health reasons and for the comfort of all park visitors.
Blakesley said the new policy includes bans on marijuana and electronic cigarette use, which have been approved statewide in recent years since the policy was created.
“A lot has changed since then,” he said.


New NIOSH Report Recommends All Workplaces be Tobacco Free – Recommendations Include Exposures to E-cigarettes in the Workplace
A new report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends that all workplaces become tobacco-free and that employers make tobacco cessation programs available to workers. Promoting Health and Preventing Disease and Injury Through Workplace Tobacco Policies is available at

2015 TIPS Campaign Update

ChangeLab Solutions Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook
Access the easy-to-use Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook , which outlines the ten strategies necessary for developing, implementing, and enforcing a comprehensive TRL policy.

Reports and Articles

Law sees ‘vaping’ same as smoking
Statesman Journal
Oregon has begun regulating electronic cigarettes in ways similar to tobacco cigarettes, banning sales to minors and the use of the devices in indoor public spaces and workplaces.
But some people who use e-cigarettes say the new law, signed by Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday, is an overreach.
E-cigarettes and the liquids they vaporize are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and their long-term health effects are unknown — as are the often unlisted ingredients of the liquids, or “e-juice.” Unlike combustible cigarettes, there’s no burning in e-cigarettes. Instead, a coil inside the device heats up the e-juice, turning it into cloud-like vapor.
Preliminary testing of e-juices has found chemicals known to cause birth defects and cancer, said Karen Girard, OHA’s health promotion and chronic disease prevention manager.


New Surgeon General Says Getting Smoking Out of Kid Movies Would Save 1 Million Kids’ Lives
On April 22, 2015, Vivek H. Murthy took the oath of office to serve as US Surgeon General for the next four years.  His wide-ranging speech dealt with several aspects of tobacco control.

Smokers More Likely To Quit If Their Own Cash Is On The Line
NPR: May 13, 2015
A new study finds that employer-based programs to help people stop smoking would work better if they tapped into highly motivating feelings — such as the fear of losing money.
This conclusion flows from a study involving the employees of CVS/Caremark. Some workers got postcards asking them if they wanted a cash reward to quit smoking. One card ended up in the hands of Camelia Escarcega in Rialto, Calif., whose sister works for CVS.

A sobering thought: One billion smokers and 240 million people with alcohol use disorder, worldwide
Medical Press: May 12, 2015
A new study published today in the journal Addiction has compiled the best, most up-to-date evidence on addictive disorders globally. It shows that almost 5% of the world’s adult population (240 million people) have an alcohol use disorder and more than 20% (1 billion people) smoke tobacco. Getting good data on other drugs such as heroin and cannabis is much more difficult but for comparison the number of people injecting drugs is estimated at around 15 million worldwide.

San Francisco is the first city to ban smokeless tobacco at sports venues – CNN. San Francisco legislature passed a bill banning smokeless tobacco at all sports venues, including AT&T Park, home of the Major League Baseball team, the Giants. This action has been praised by many, including the Giants and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The ordinance goes into effect on January 1, 2016.

E-Cigarette Use in the Past and Quitting Behavior in the Future: A Population-Based Study
American Journal of Public Health (Jun 2015).
Smokers who have used e-cigarettes may be at increased risk for not being able to quit smoking.


Whistler ski resort launches total smoking ban
Whistler ski resort in BC, Canada, has announced it will roll out a resort-wide no smoking policy from May 31, to coincide with World No Tobacco Day.
When it says resort-wide, it really means it – smoking will be prohibited in lift lines, on chairlifts, gondolas, ski runs, hiking trails, streets, parking lots, the bike park trails on Whistler Mountain, and all bars and restaurants, including outdoor patios.
How can Whistler implement such rules? Simple – Whistler Blackcomb Holdings pretty much owns the whole resort. The runs, the lifts, the land; everything.

Marketing Practices of Vapor Store Owners
American Journal of Public Health (Jun 2015).
Local vapor store marketing practices closely resemble current and former tobacco industry marketing strategies

E-Cigarette Vapor—Even When Nicotine-Free—Found to Damage Lung Cells
A team of researchers adds its findings to others that suggest nicotine in any form is damaging to lungs. This new research also suggests that non-nicotine-containing e-cig solutions have a damaging effect on lung health, leading researchers to call for more e-cig research.

Decreased Mortality Rates of Inmates With Mental Illness After a Tobacco-Free Prison Policy
This striking correlation of quick and substantial reduction of mortality among individuals with a mental illness in association with the reduction and subsequent ban of smoking suggests that smoking may play a major role in the reduced life span of persons with mental illness.

Eugene Considers Smoke Free Parks And Downtown
Eugene’s Parks and Open Space Department has been considering a smoking ban for years. They happened to present their idea to the City just as the City Council began debating a downtown smoking ban

Smoking a significant predictor of lung cancer recurrence in survivors
MNT: May 20, 2015
In 2015, an estimated 158,040 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer, making it the leading cause of cancer death in this country. Lung cancer screening with low-dose CT scans in high risk smokers has recently been approved to help detect lung cancer in its early stages when no symptoms are noticeable. The hope is that by detecting lung cancer in the early, more treatable stages, doctors may be able to improve the outcomes of patients with lung cancer. However, in addition to screening high risk smokers, close follow-up and monitoring of lung cancer survivors is also extremely important.

MMWR Released a Report on Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco Use in Adults 
The report based on the BRFSS state based survey from 2011- 2013 indicates a decline in cigarette smoking prevalence in 26 states, increase in smokeless tobacco use in four states, and a significant increase in concurrent use ranging from 25.4 – 155% in five states. These findings are significant since concurrent use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products by adults is associated with higher levels of nicotine dependence and reduced cessation.

Impact of a U.S. antismoking national media campaign on beliefs, cognitions and quit intentions.  
Health Education Research (Published online: May 13, 2015).
Exposure to the Tips campaign was associated with greater odds of intending to quit within the next 30 days and within the next 6 months, and quit intentions were stronger among respondents with greater campaign exposure.

pacific university
Pacific University bans smoking and tobacco at Forest Grove Campus
The Oregonian
If you’re planning on lighting up on Pacific University‘s Forest Grove Campus, you’ll have to make other plans.

On May 31, in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day, Pacific officially prohibited smoking of any kind on campus grounds. Pacific joined the university’s other campuses as a smoke-free environment. Hillsboro, Eugene and Woodburn locations had already been smoke-free.

E-Cigarette Vapor—Even when Nicotine-Free—Found to Damage Lung Cells
Electronic cigarette (e-cig) use has now surpassed traditional cigarette use among middle and high school students, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This leaves many parents, public health officials and consumers asking whether e-cigarettes are better or worse for lung health than traditional cigarettes. Now, a team of researchers adds its findings to others that suggest nicotine in any form is damaging to lungs. This new research also suggests that non-nicotine-containing e-cig solutions have a damaging effect on lung health, leading researchers to call for more e-cig research.

The loss of integrity in the lung endothelial cells—the cells that make up the lining of the lungs—can contribute to lung injury and inflammation, but it is unknown what component of cigarette smoke causes lung cells to breakdown. Researchers wrote, “We investigated if nicotine, one of the hundreds of molecules present in [cigarette smoke] extracts, is sufficient to alter lung endothelial barrier function by affecting cytoskeletal regulation,” which is the cell’s internal matrix that supports cell shape and function.


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