Tobacco- July 17, 2015

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tobacco retail

How CVS Quit Smoking and Grew Into a Health Care Giant
Its stand against smoking has allowed CVS to make alliances with health care providers and rebrand itself fully as a health care company. But with smoking rates on a steady decline, and cigarettes sales slumping, CVS also saw that future profits lie not with Big Tobacco but in health and wellness.

Multnomah County’s tobacco report tallies retailers, availability to children
The Oregonian
Multnomah County officials and health advocates have placed tobacco retailers under scrutiny that could lead to licensing requirements for sales.
One in three retailers out of 411 sell their products within 1,000 feet of schools in Multnomah County, according to a report released this week. It separately shows nearly one in three vendors illegally sold tobacco to people under 18 years in 2014.
County officials and health advocates don’t know exactly how many retailers sell tobacco and nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes, but they took a shot and tallied 591 vendors and then visited 411 throughout the county last year.

Three out of 4 American adults favor making 21 the minimum age of sale for  tobacco products – Seven in 10 cigarette smokers favor raising age of sale
Three out of 4 American adults—including 7 in 10 cigarette smokers—favor raising the minimum age of sale for all tobacco products to 21, according to an article by CDC published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  While an overwhelming majority of adults favored the policy overall, favorability is slightly higher among adults who never smoked and older adults. In contrast, 11 percent of adults strongly opposed making 21 the legal age of sale, while 14 percent somewhat opposed such measures.

Reducing Cheap Tobacco and Youth Access: New York City
The Center for Public Health Systems Science (CPHSS), with funding from the National Cancer Institute State & Community Tobacco Control Research Initiative, has developed a series of case studies on communities that have passed point-of sale-policies. CPHSS is pleased to release Reducing Cheap Tobacco & Youth Access: New York City, the third and latest in the series. Press release.

Can smoking drive you mad? Study suggests it might
Medical Press
People who suffer from psychosis are about three times more likely to be smokers, but scientists have long scratched their heads over which one leads to the other.
On Friday, research published in The Lancet Psychiatry suggested daily tobacco use, already known to cause cancer and stroke, may be also be a contributor to mental illness—not necessarily result of it.
Analysing data from 61 studies conducted around the world between 1980 and 2014, a team found that 57 percent of people first diagnosed with psychosiswere smokers.

surgeon general warnings

California bills to raise smoking age and regulate e-cigarettes stall
Los Angeles Times
Anti-tobacco activists began the year confident that California would follow the lead of other states and tighten its laws on smoking and electronic cigarettes.

California had once been ahead of the pack in curbing tobacco use and had fallen woefully behind, they said.
But those hopes turned to ashes Wednesday.
A bill that would have restricted electronic cigarettes in the same way as combustible ones was gutted and then shelved. And a measure to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21 was sidelined because it lacked enough votes to pass a key committee.


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