Training Opportunities – April 28, 2016

Webinar – Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools

Thursday, May 5, 12:30 – 1:30 PM.  Click here to register. Topics will include:

  • What is food marketing in schools and how common is it?
  • Why is it important to address food marketing in schools?
  • What tools and resources are available to help assess food marketing in schools?
  • How can you change the food marketing environment in your school or district?

Webinar – Call to Action: Paths to Walkable Communities

Thursday May 12th at 11am. Click here to register.

Join this webinar to learn about local organizations and governments who are taking action to Step It Up! in creating walkable communities. The release of the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking & Walkable Communities in September 2015 was a watershed moment for the walking movement. Its release provided leadership and motivation for governments, businesses and organizations to address the numerous barriers to safe, active mobility and promoted the multiple health benefits of walking. You will hear from two recipients of the Every Body Walk! Micro Grants followed by a city with one of the top Complete Streets policies in the US. Participants will have a chance to ask questions of the panel to learn how they might make their own communities great places to walk.


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