Job Opportunities – August 11, 2016

New Healthy Communities Coordinator Position Opening for Douglas County

As part of Adapt’s Prevention Department, the Healthy Communities Coordinator (HCC) performs a variety of activities to strengthen, maintain, and leverage collaborations and achieve priority policy, system and environmental change aimed to increase access to physical activity, improve nutrition, support tobacco prevention, and promote self-management of chronic conditions. The HCC works with a wide network of community partners and stakeholders to promote a healthy, active Douglas County.  Minimum qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in a health or education field with three years of experience working in public health, or a Master’s degree in public health or education with at least one year of experience.

The HCC must be able to: 1) establish and maintain linkages/partnerships with key stakeholders and decision-makers to affect public opinion on chronic disease prevention, 2) develop, implement and monitor the Healthy Communities Local Program Plan consistent with established program assurances from the Oregon Health Authority, 3) apply public health principles, strategies and resources to advance Healthy Communities priorities, 4) communicate effectively orally and in writing with lay and professional audiences and multiple sectors, 5) interact sensitively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, ethnic, and professional backgrounds, and persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences, 6) utilize technology and computer systems to participate in quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, interpretation, summary, and presentation, 7) demonstrate excellent initiative, critical thinking skills and flexibility to changing program and community needs, 8) participate in required and optional meetings, trainings and capacity building opportunities to support and sustain Healthy Communities goals and objectives.

For more information about this position or to apply, please contact Cati Adkins, Adapt Prevention Director at or call 541-492-0145.


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