Tobacco – August 25, 2016

Disparities in retail environment factsheets

Two new Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center factsheets outline tobacco industry practices in the retail environment. Specifically, they focus on how environmental and social factors, as tobacco is marketed heavily in lower socioeconomic communities. The factsheets highlight the influence of retail environment and retailer density on tobacco initiation, marketing of tobacco products, price promotion, tobacco use, burden of disease, and smoke-free rules. Ongoing evidence of industry-driven tobacco marketing disparities further highlights the need for policies to reduce and prevent tobacco use in disadvantaged communities.

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Adolescents who wouldn’t have smoked may be drawn to e-cigarettes

A recently published study noted that some adolescents who otherwise would never have smoked are using e-cigarettes. The findings suggest that adolescents are not just using e-cigarettes as a substitute for conventional cigarettes but that e-cigarettes are attracting new users to tobacco products. The FDA recently finalized a rule extending its regulation of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes.

Rethinking what we think we know about tobacco economics

New research from the Schroeder Institute® shows that too many estimates of the economics of tobacco control are based on out-of-date data. Find out more about the need for better data on the full costs of tobacco use and the benefits of tobacco control.


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