Healthy Communities – September 22, 2016

Community Highlights from the CDC’s Beverage Bulletin (Summer 2016):


Policy in Practice: Berkeley’s Tax on Sugary Beverages

Impact of the Berkeley Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption. Falbe J, Thompson HR, Becker CM, Rojas N, McCulloch CE, Madsen KA. Am J Public Health. 2016

This study evaluated the impact of the excise tax on SSB intake among adults (≥18 years) in Berkeley, California, which implemented a tax ($0.01/oz) in March 2015. A beverage frequency questionnaire was administered to 990 participants before the tax and 1,689 after the tax (approximately 8 months after the vote and 4 months after implementation) to examine relative changes in consumption. This study reported that consumption of SSBs decreased 21% in Berkeley and increased 4% in comparison cities. Water consumption increased more in Berkeley (+63%) than in comparison cities (+19%). Read more.


A Comprehensive Evaluation of School District Wellness Policies

School District Wellness Policies: Evaluating Progress and Potential for Improving Children’s Health Eight Years after the Federal Mandate. School Years 2006-07 through 2013-14. Piekarz E, Schermbeck R, Young SK, Leider J, Ziemann M, Chriqui JF. Bridging the Gap Program and the National Wellness Policy Study, Institute for Health Research and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2016

According to the report authors, this report updates data published in February 2013, and is the most comprehensive, ongoing, nationwide evaluation of written school district wellness policies. It includes data from school years 2006-07 through 2013-14, the first eight years following the required implementation date for wellness policies. Using a nationally representative sample of school districts, this report provides details about the characteristics of these districts as well as the individual components of wellness policies and related provisions. Detailed data on competitive food and beverage provisions are available. Read more.

vend11FDA Releases Vending Machine Labeling Guidance Documents

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2016

The U.S. FDA announced the availability of a Small Entity Compliance Guide (SECG) and draft guidance to help businesses comply with the agency’s final rule on calorie labeling for vending machine foods and beverages. Read more.


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