Tobacco – September 22, 2016

Tobacco at Every Turn: Making Healthier Communities with Fewer Tobacco Stores

Why are there more tobacco stores in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color? In 2008, a team of young people from the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) asked this question as they began to recognize disturbing patterns in where tobacco was sold throughout San Francisco. Why do the districts with the lowest median incomes have the most tobacco retailers? Why are so many tobacco stores packed together in neighborhoods with large populations of Latinos, Asians, or African Americans?

Read how the YLI is addressing this social justice issue here.

Anti Smoking NYC

Achieving Health Equity in Tobacco Control, a report from The Truth Initiative

This report is a joint publication of a consortium of organizations (Dec 8, 2015). This paper sets forth the reasoning and conclusion that in order to improve America’s health, we must find and treat tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases where they are most prevalent.

Learn more here about how the Truth Initiative inspires tobacco free lives.

e-cig_young people

Tobacco Companies Renew Old Tactics to Hook Young Smokers

This Wall Street Journal article, “Newport’s ‘Pleasure Lounge’ Aims to Ignite Cigarettes Sales,” looks at how Reynolds American Inc. is targeting young smokers. An increasing percentage of young smokers prefer menthol cigarettes, and Reynolds is reviving old tactics to push Newport menthol cigarettes with young people. The WSJ article reports that “this is the first time in at least 15 years Newport representatives are directly engaging consumers.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

Newport’s ‘Pleasure Lounge’ Aims to Ignite Cigarettes Sales: Reynolds targets young-adult smokers with aggressive promotions and mobile lounges at concerts, bars

The coupon giveaways have been a boon to smokers like Jackie Hauri. The 23-year old expected to spend $14 on two packs of cigarettes during the three-day Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wis. Instead, she went to the Newport Pleasure Lounge, a mobile, air-conditioned trailer in the festival’s sponsor village, and bought 40 cigarettes for $2. She also got to play virtual darts and other games. Read more.


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