Healthy Communities – October 20, 2016

Place Matters: Resources for Grassroots Empowerment

Mark Pertschuk and Michael Bare from Grassroots Change, Annie Tegen from Healthy Food America, and Sara Soka from Berkeley vs. Big Soda campaign hosted a breakout session at Place Matters Oregon called ‘From Berkeley to Boulder: Applying Tobacco Lessons to Addressing Sugary Drinks’ and shared timely information and workable techniques to organize and use lessons and tactics across issues.

Grassroots Change empowers grassroots leaders to build and sustain effective public health movements at the local, state, and national levels. They provide services, tools, and resources for grassroots advocates working on diverse public health and safety issues at Preemption Watch is designed to help advocates better understand and counter preemption and industry tactics. Their bi-weekly newsletter provides timely coverage of threats by state and issue.


WHO Takes Action against Sugary Drinks, Urges Taxes

From Marion Nestle’s Food Politics Blog

Posted: October 12, 2016

The World Health Organization issued a report this month urging governments to tax sugary beverages. WHO also put words into action by removing these drinks from their Geneva headquarters. Food Politics Blog author Marion Nestle reports on WHO’s actions and global response.


Physical Activity Focus in Call for Progress on Chronic Disease in Health White Paper

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors recently released a white paper addressing the need for progress in public health and the prevention of chronic diseases. The development and implementation of comprehensive physical activity interventions are highlighted in the white paper as a particularly important opportunity for preventing chronic diseases. Find a list of white papers from NACDD here.


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