Tobacco – November 3

CDC Foundation’s New Business Pulse Focuses on Reducing Tobacco Use

Business Pulse: Tobacco Use, launched today by the CDC Foundation, focuses on how employers can improve employee health by reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. Business Pulse: Tobacco Use also features an interactive infographic with facts to help employers protect and promote the health of all workers and a link to online CDC resources.

Business Pulse is a quarterly online series created by the CDC Foundation that highlights the intersection of public health work and businesses. Each issue highlights a different part of CDC’s work, why and how it’s important to business leaders, and concrete action steps employers can take.

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“Tobacco 21” Continues to Gain Ground

Washington, D.C., joins over 200 localities and two states that have raised the age of tobacco sales to 21. “Increasing the tobacco age to 21 will reduce tobacco use among youth and young adults – age groups when nearly all tobacco use begins and that are heavily targeted by the tobacco industry,” the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids states.

The Tobacco 21 movement is evidence-based and gaining ground. Learn more about the evidence from the 2015 National Academy of Medicine report.


Article: Cancer Associated with Tobacco Still Major Cause of Death

A new death toll for smoking, The New York Times, October 31, 2016

Article: Protection from Secondhand Smoke in Parks Still an Uphill Climb

Lane County rejects smoking, vaping ban in parks, The Register-Guard, November 2, 2016.


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