Healthy Communities- November 17

2016 Weston Awards Celebrate People Making Communities Walkable

Friday, December 2, 6:00pm-9:00pm

The Treasury Ballroom, 326 SW Broadway, Portland 97205

unsafewalkingEast Portland Action Plan (EPAP), a committee comprised of citizen advocates to represent the 150,000 Portland residents between 82nd/I- 205 and Gresham/174th, is the #1 winner of the Weston Awards this year. Adopted in 2009, the East Portland Action Plan provides a comprehensive list of enumerated, tangible objectives to address community-identified issues. EPAP advocates were charged to provide leadership and guidance to public agencies and other entities on how to strategically address implementation and allocate resources to improve livability and prevent displacement in East Portland.

Attend the 6th Annual Weston Awards to celebrate EPAP, and the innovation, leadership and activism of all the Weston Award winners on December 2nd. Tickets are available here.

Oregon Public Health institute announces HEAL Cities Small Grant Recipients

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A growing number of cities are interested in healthy eating and active living, including adopting local policies on issues like zoning for community gardens, creating infrastructure to promote walkability and other environmental changes to prevent and manage chronic disease. Oregon Public Health Institute just completed its third annual HEAL Cities grant opportunity, awarding seven small grants. The interest of these cities in healthy eating and active living may offer opportunities for public health to partner with cities to achieve additional progress on population health. For more information visit the HEAL Cities website here.

In the News: Oregon’s Physical Education Law Takes Effect Next Summer

The Oregon Physical Education Law is scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2017.  As you may recall, the bill  was passed in 2007, and Oregon schools have had ten years to prepare.  The reality of implementing this bill is becoming controversial, and we are likely to begin seeing and hearing the concerns from all sides during the coming months.  Likely, this article from the Portland Tribune may be the first of many to come.


Article: Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

HealthDay News, November 10, 2016

sodacansA study found consuming an average of six 12-ounce servings of a sugar-sweetened beverage per week raises a person’s risk of prediabetes by 46%. The data, reported in the Journal of Nutrition, came from the Framingham Heart Study and included almost 1,700 adults who were followed for 14 years. Read more.

Article: Soda Taxes Win Big Despite Industry Efforts to Defeat the Measures

Souring on sweet? Voters in 4 cities pass soda tax measures. NPR, November 9, 2016.


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